Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Grand Finale

I figured that this needed a more climactic final post (though maybe it would be more fitting to have a crazy cliffhanger-ending which leaves the door wide open for a sequel). Anyway, here is my final presentation video, featuring a slightly awkward voiceover by yours truly:

I also never posted my final poster, so here's that too! Note that I made the poster before adding models and textures, so the images just show the old cubes and spheres:

Anyway... that's it! Thanks for watching the progress of my senior project—I hope you enjoyed my result videos, learned from my rules about cinematography, and were somehow able to bear my terrible puns and post titles.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Team Fortress

During my final presentation, someone asked me what I think some of the applications of my project would be. I mentioned animation and simulations, but I also said that it could be cool for video games: while you're playing, intelligent cameras could be recording your gameplay, and you could then edit it all together later.

Yesterday I took a break from writing my final report to play a little Team Fortress 2. Guess what they just added? The Replay Update, which records your matches and then allows you to make movies by editing 3 different camera views together.

They do have achievements for making movies, however. Maybe that's what my project is missing.