Thursday, February 24, 2011

Roll With A Vengeance (Now With GUI)

It's your lucky day! I've been busy preparing for my alpha review tomorrow, which means I don't have time to write up a long and witty blog post.

First, remember my GUI? No? Fine, here it is again.

Okay, now get ready to experience this video. Things to notice:
- The GUI looks like my original GUI drawing! On the top left is the master track, which shifts when you press 1, 2, or 3 on the keyboard. Next to the master track are views for the three cameras.
- Speaking of which: multiple cameras! Right now I'm thinking that it would be jarring if the cameras appear and disappear as events occur, so it might be better to just have a set number of cameras which are always there—maybe the user can set the maximum number of cameras himself, and if too many events are occurring, the user can set priorities/rankings for different events
- The user can now navigate freely through the environment, with mouse/keyboard commands similar to Maya. This ended up being more of a pain than I was expecting, but it works now.
- You can see the cameras in the environment now, represented as little boxes. They're also color coded by the backgrounds that appear in their views.
- Two events occurring: ball rolling down some slopes, and ball bouncing up and down. Two different cameras cover them, and you can switch between them on the master track.

Ignore the long stretches of video where nothing seems to be happening. I'm using this during my alpha review, when I'll be speaking during it. So while you watch, just imagine me talking (or singing) in the background.

I can't wait for "Ball Rolling Down A Hill Into A Wall: The Movie: 4: Live Free Or Roll Hard"... it will surely be exciting!

After that I'll have to switch to another franchise. Suggestions?

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  1. Twilight perhaps. Or Harry Potter. Maybe even The Fast and the Furious franchise. Lord of the Rings, too. Or the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie series. What a great franchise. Or maybe adapt Charlie Sheen quotes.

    Hope that helps.
    Great video and presentation by the way. Really well done.